CryptoKnox is a third party online wallet for easy storage and access of your digital funds.

With an innovative interface you can easily create a wallet & send funds to it, which now makes your coins accessible from anywhere, at anytime, over any kind of equipment with internet connection.

Send funds regularly to people that you know, do you feel that its a pain to remember those long sending addresses? This is no longer a problem, CryptoKnox supply an easy to use address book where you can save your most used addresses!

We pride ourselves in our high level of security, wriiten entirely from the ground up with an emphasis on online banking grade sessions, your funds are safely stored behind several layers of additional hardened security including the use of off-line cold wallet storage. We also offer a first class trusted SSL certificated connection through your entire experience with us. All accounts require two factor authorisation to be in place, this can be done through Email 2 factor authentication or the Google App 2 factor authentication, simply choose whichever works best for you during the registration process.

We charge a flat rate sending fee of 0.2 FTC, disregarding the size of your transfer. No more worries about losing your hard earned funds with an overrated % fee. Making moving larger amounts a breeze.

Merchant API

We also offer a secure Merchant API that allows Merchants to hook up their existing shopping cart or current checkout process directly to their wallet in order for them to easily generate a payment address and check the moment funds are received at these generated address. On top of all of this within the wallet there are also some useful tools; For example you can export your wallet TX data in either Excel or PDF format thus simplifying greatly your accounting needs.


We also have a fully-fledged support system in place, so if you have any problems that you can't solve for yourself then just raise a ticket and we will endeavour to respond within 24hrs (Mon-Fri), we would also love to hear your ideas, comments and suggestions, so if you have any, then simply send them through the support system and we will take note.

CryptoKnox is a service provided to you by trusted members of the Feathercoin Community. Members include Nutnut (FTC Core dev team) / Svennand (FTC Director of mining) who are owners of Nut2Pools and FTCgames. UKMark (FTC Admin) also owner of FTCgames, and is also well known for developing FTCgames and SMSWallet, along with other services for the Crypto currency communities.